ECOMESURE sis a cleantech company with headquarters in Parais-Saclay, France that provides smart environmental monitoring systems in more than 40 countries around the globe. They help their customers engineer and implement comprehensive solutions that they can measure particulate, and gaseous pollutants in line with regulatory requirements and provide a response to growing environmental and public health concerns. ECOMESURE is pride of the quality, innovation and simplicity of their products.

ECOMESURE’s sensors can be connected to our Sinay Air Module which uses AI algorithms to transform data into key air quality indicators.

With an Ecomesure sensor and the Sinay Hub you will be able to monitor multiples Air Quality parameters  in Real Time. You will have a dedicated dashboard and receive alerts when pollution levels reach the threshold you have defined.


More about ecomesure

Building on its historical konw-how in metrology, Ecomesure delivers high-quality and innovative air quality monitoring solutions.

They invests 15% of its turnover into R&D and has developed a calibration process strengthened by artificial intelligence models to provide its clients with quality measurements over the long term. The company offers a variety of products associated with data management and analysis solutions that serve different needs and a host of applications.