3D CityScapes

3D CityScapes is a Canadian technology software company that creates hyperrealistic Digital Twins for various industries using Artificial Intelligence among many other advanced technologies. Their technology delivers an experience like no other, and now in collaboration with Sinay, its services are used for the maritime industry as well.

3D CityScapes’ Digital Twin technology and Sinay’s advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms, data, sensor information, and maritime industry knowledge are enhancing seaports in an unprecedented way.

3D CityScapes offers the Digital Twin as a hyper realistic component to Sinay’s technology and sensor data information. Sinay’s large amounts of data is then represented on an immersive interactive digital platform created by 3D CityScapes.

This partnership allows seaports to have a visual platform that allows them to see in real-time exactly what is taking place throughout the entire port – a living, breathing digital port.