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AIIRead  is  a  Spanish  company  dedicated  to  the  development   of   cutting-edge   computer   vision   solutions   for   port   logistics.   Operational   since   2019, AIIRead collaborates with ports and termi-nals in Europe and Latin America. AIIRead  provides  a  reliable  and  cost-effective solution  to  capturing  and  extracting  container  handling  and  transit  information.  AIIRead  helps  optimise operations and security processes  with automatic identification and monitoring of assets in real  time,  even  in  the  most  challenging    environments.
•ACCESS CONTROL: ins and outs, free flow.
•SECURITY  AND  SAFETY:  hazardous  goods,  seals.
•INVENTORY: container stacks, depots.
•PROOF OF CONDITION: Twist lock, damage.
•SHIP TO SHORE: Crane handling.

AllRead represents a frictionless and cost-effective solution to capture and extract valuable information in operational environments. It reduces repetitive manual tasks, eliminates errors and allows immediate processing of the information.

Useful in several areas of the suply chain, we focus on the development of our AI-based data capture software for tracking cargo from any camera at ports and terminals around the world.

Our know-how is something that, thanks to this collaboration, will be available to Sinay’s customers and markets and expand the scope of their services.

This will allow us to develop joint projects and provide a much more powerful solution for the port and logistics sector. Thus, both companies will continue to work hand in hand for a sustainable and digitised development of the maritime and port-logistics industry.

We are very pleased that this collaboration will represent a step forward in becoming an internationalised software company that helps to improve the operations of the entire supply chain.