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BluePulse provides maritime industry professionals with the data needed to take decisions and boost performance

  • Shipment analytics data on top of your existing telematics data
  • Real-time notifications for vessel power outages, system shutdowns, over consumption and key indicators of system failure
  • Monitoring of energy in/out of port, on board ships, at consignment, on land transport
  • Predictive energy reporting along with actual consumption metric



BluePulse AI technology is integrated into maritime routing software, to optimize the maritime route while taking into account the reefers energy spent aboard cargo ships.

Our BlueRoutes solution uses artificial intelligence to calculate the best route and optimize the weather the ship will sail into while taking into account both propulsion, reefer fuel consumption, and security .

Together, BluePulse and Sinay will share their knowledge and data to optimize both of their solutions.

A sharing of knowledge is useful to be more efficient and to offer the best solutions.