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DCbrain was born in 2014 from a clear observation: physical networks are managed by competent people but the tools at their disposal are static and complicated. However, new dynamic and self-learning tools are emerging. 

Specialist in Artificial Intelligence applied to the Supply Chain, DCbrain allows shippers and carriers to make their flows more reliable, optimize and predict their behavior within complex networks, with the main objective of reducing the environmental impact. 

Its INES optimisation platform facilitates the management of resources, improves their efficiency and contributes to the sustainable development of transport and intralogistics activities for shippers and their service providers. Its SaaS mode of operation allows for rapid deployment

DcBrain and Sinay, it’s a strategic partneship. Together, DCbrain and Sinay are bringing their expertise together to help reduce the environmental footprint, and thus improve the operational efficiency of shippers and carriers. It is also an alliance between two European companies that place their ethical values at the forefront to find new optimization solutions.