ION Geophysical

Leveraging innovative technologies, ION delivers powerful data-driven decision-making to offshore energy and maritime operations markets, enabling clients to optimize investments and results through access to their data, software, and distinctive analytics.

With their Marlin SmartPort Management solution, a powerful tool using ‘just in time’ operations for increasing port efficiency, safety, and profitability, they provide a transparent platform for all key port stakeholders who need to plan, visualize, schedule, communicate, and optimize port call activities.

ION will incorporate Sinay’s technology and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) algorithms into the Marlin SmartPort management solution, a powerful tool for increasing port efficiency, safety, and profitability. ION and Sinay will optimize ETA accuracy for port operations as Sinay’s AI algorithms are able to predict reliable ETA more than 2 weeks in advance with a 98.5% average accuracy level.

Sinay’s unique Artificial Intelligence capabilities will augment and expand ION’s Marlin SmartPort software platform.