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Sercel Concept

Sercel Concept is a world-leading provider of software systems and services. For nearly 40 years, our teams have been committed to delivering innovative, client-driven solutions. Our dedication to continuous development ensures that our customers not only have access to but also help define the latest advances in technology. In addition to providing solutions to optimize the data quality, operational efficiency, and transparency of offshore operations in the Oil & Gas sector, Sercel Concept has a portfolio of innovative software and services for the marine industry including energy, port, and logistics.

Sercel Concept will incorporate Sinay’s technology and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) algorithms into the Marlin SmartPort management solution, a powerful tool for increasing port efficiency, safety, and profitability. Sercel Concept and Sinay will optimize ETA accuracy for port operations as Sinay’s AI algorithms are able to predict reliable ETA more than 2 weeks in advance with a 98.5% average accuracy level. Sinay’s unique Artificial Intelligence capabilities will augment and expand the Marlin SmartPort software platform.