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IoT Foundations

About the IoT Foundations
Is a collaborative training of the Internet of Things platform with the Mission of :
– Disseminate knowledge about open technologies
– Facilitate access to new technologies
– Support STEM education
– Vision
– Being a formative element within the open Software and – – Hardware Community
– Contribute as a part of the Technological Heritage
– Values
– Democratize technology
– Support and consume only open hardware products
– Corporate image
– The courses will be completed with the construction of social utility devices
– Participation in social science initiatives
– Provide technological solutions to local communities.

IoT Foundations and Sinay are partnering to leverage their knowledge and expertise to serve citizens.

IoT Foundations use Sinay’s data in the Fum AI Port project, which is a technology solution based on open software and hardware for Issue alerts to inform citizens of health risks in real-time.
The information from air quality sensors built and deployed by residents is related to data from port environments. Try to identify sources of contamination. And data analytics for predictive warnings of contamination.