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Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy meets the growing demand for energy while ensuring that our climate is protected.
Siemens Energy strives to ensure the sustainability of its decarbonization journey, innovation focused on future technologies, and transformation of its future-focused offerings, portfolio, and mindset.

As a united team in 90 countries, they are committed to making sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy possible.

That’s how they are shaping the energy of tomorrow.

Sinay and Siemens Energy join forces to support the digitalization and decarbonization of the maritime industry. Siemens Energy integrates Sinay’s Visi-Fleet and ETA modules into its SISHIP EcoMAIN Suite solution to offer the highest efficiency and reliability.

SISHIP EcoMAIN suite is a state-of-the-art solution designed for ship owners and ship operators. EcoMAIN complements Siemens Energy’s marine environmental portfolio and proves invaluable for decision making because it allows for real-time monitoring and analysis of the entire energy flow on board. Siemens’s suite is a tailored app that helps to optimize energy consumption and emissions by making the right decisions.