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Whale Seeker

Whale Seeker ethically uses AI to deliver better, simpler, and faster marine mammal detection data from imagery. Founded in 2018, the company of nine full-time employees is a certified B Corporation and collaborates with maritime industry partners, academic institutions, and governments to create solutions to promote healthy oceans.

Whale Seeker’s flagship product, Möbius, has gained global recognition from UNESCO’s International Research Center on Artificial Intelligence as one of the top 10 AI solutions for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Möbius saves up to 97% of the analysis time and offers reliable data access for a better understanding of marine ecosystem impacts for offshore energy, resource management, policy, conservation, and ESG, TNFD, and SBTN quantitative reporting. 

Other products include Cetus which offers marine mammal detection from very high-resolution satellite imagery, real-time detection viaMöbius Observer, and Arc to ensure safe construction and fishing practices and collision-free maritime transport. 

Sinay will work in collaboration with Whale Seeker to empower accurate marine mammal detection in the context of offshore work (ports, offshore energy projects, submarine cables, etc).

Sinay will also partner with Whale Seeker to provide marine mammal data within the Sinay Hub and provide visibility, safety, and optimization opportunities for complex supply chains.